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<I never gave up99国产精品自在自在久久

A Good Man 8---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Queen was nervous, it had only been a few days since mage Tom had done any healing to her daughter. Her daughter was still unstable at times, they had to tie her down to keep her from hurting her self or others, just as the mage Tom had warned. Still after all he had done so far Queen Aladar was certain that he was the only one who could help her, she prayed that he could help her. She was the only daughter the Queen had and she wasn't about to give up without a fight. Knocking at his door, it was opened and the Queen and her daughter were taken in even more nervous now she once again said a silent prayer that mage Tom could heal her. Tom had been preparing for this since the Queen and her daughter had left a few days ago. Tom had ask many questions of many beings and was certain he had all he needed to heal the young girl. His search for Malamon had hit a wall since Malamon was so hurt. He felt sorry for the young pixie but what he had learned in just a few days would go far to the healing he was to preform. The young girl was laid on the bed bound for her and others protection. Tom looked on watching the girl, wild eyed, struggling to escape the demons and terrors that only she could see. Drawing closer she was even more terrified of him, Tom knew that Malamon had planted horrible visions in her mind that activated when he was near. Starting to move in and out Tom delved into her tortured mind, as he suspected much of what he had healed had been undone but her mind was some what stronger. Working his way down, healing all the way he neared where he'd stopped before, then he had to slow, as he removed, it seemed inch by inch of evil. Reaching a point much deeper than he had before he felt she was still in the grip of unholy terror, Tom prayed that her strength had increased enough that she survived this. Almost 3/4 of the way into her mind, Tom, began to see horrible visions that he removed as fast as he could but he knew the worst were yet to come. he could feel her mind trapped like an animal in a corner fighting to survive, he felt the hope she still had and felt her strength grow slightly as he grew nearer. Slowing even more, Tom saw just how much Malamon had tried to destroy her mind and vowed that the next time they met they wouldn't meet again, be it him or Malamon that didn't walk away. After reaching 80% to the bottom of her mind Tom had slowed to the point that it took 20 minutes just to clear the area he was in. He could feel her mind so close now but the evil planted in her mind was so thick it was taking alot longer than he thought it would to reach her. Tom was close now but he'd been at it for over 3 hours and there was so much still to clear, an idea hit him at that moment, building up a charge of energy different than any he's ever used before he released it much like his sonic wave on the men. At first it did nothing but after only a few minutes the way began to clear til after 30 more minutes almost everything was gone. Emerging from a protected place, the young pixie rushed to Tom holding him almost afraid to let him go. <We have to make our way to the surface your mother is worried about you> Tom told her.Kissing Tom fiercely on both cheeks, tears streaming from her eyes she replied, <I never gave up, I knew that you would come just as you did for my friend,> laughing she took Tom's hand and lead her the long way back out. Stopping only briefly to plant the happy thoughts, Tom told her he'd be there when she awoke with that he exited. Withdrawing Tom was surprised to see he'd been at it for over 5 hours and by the worried looks on the faces of those present, they must have thought he'd might not make it. Standing up his legs severly cramped Tom waited for the girl to awake, his patience was soon rewarded. Opening her eyes she shouted and hugged her mother fiercely as tears fell freely from both their eyes. The Queen stood and elegently curtsied and then bowed low, there were many shocked gasps in theroom much as when the fairy Queen bowed to Tom so was this. "Mage Tom, I am forever in your debt if ever you have need of us the pixies will be there without delay. We owe you a life and that of the royal family." Tom bowed to the Queen then realised that he was more exhausted than he thought, as he was coming up he felt the familiar light headedness and promptly sat. Frilly rushed to Tom a worried look on her face, he needed to take it easy she still had her favor to ask him. Tom was fighting to stay conscious but was afraid that he was going to lose this fight. Telling everyone he was glad to help, he managed to keep up til Talinda was about togo, then just as suddenly the world went dark as Tom slumped to the floor causing Frilly to start screaming while Talinda was trying to prop Tom up his head close to smashing on the floor. Tom had been tired before but this beat all, he felt as if the energy had been vacuumed out leaving him like a rag doll, Tom was afraid that Malamon was about to attack his home and that wasn't going to happen. Fighting and clawing his way to consciousness Tom was determined to protect everyone, even as weak as he had gotten him, Tom still knew that Malamon still had alot of power even with the amount of powers that Tom had sealed off from him. Sighing Tom was impatient to finally take Malamon down so that the people of both worlds would finally be safe. Opening his eyes Tom began to feel around sure that at any moment Malamon would be on his door step. Frilly flew near looking at Tom with wide amazed eyes, for the amount of energy he had expended she was sure he wouldn't wake up for days. Tom was gathering in all the energy he could preparing for Malamon's attack, but after 2 hours nothing. Tom was almost disappointed but the chance to rest and restore his energy was a welcome respite. Finally high enough he began to strengthen the sheilds around his home, though with Malamon as high as he could get them would just be a nuisance to him. Tom was so tired of the hide and seek game that Malamon was playing, Tom just wished that he'd come out in the open and fight, get this over with. Thinking about his plans Tom thought it was just about time to get the ball rolling. Talinda's eyes got huge she'd never seen anyone recover as fast as he had, not after using that much energy, Tom stepped out of bed getting dressed at the same time."Frilly I have to go out, you are the only one I trust with this," whispering he leaned close, "I think I know where Malamon is I am going out to the tower to confront him, don't tell anyone I am going alone and I am weak so if I don't get Malamon alone I could die.""Please be careful sir, you are still needed here," Frilly said shaking. Heading out Tom flashed out to an abandoned tower at the corner of an old amusement park, though this time he really didn't expect to see him there, Tom was well prepared just in case, he'd been taking in energy the whole time. Looking around Tom could see that this was a perfect place for an ambush, Tom wanted to make sure that he wasn't the one that was. Tom worked for a few hours to make sure he had everything ready for the next time he and Malamon met, looking at one of many gadgets he had planted, Tom knew he was ready, laughing he thought of the many ideas he had gotten. Someone like Malamon who used almost all magic wouldn't be prepared for non-magic traps or those that weren't made from magic. Arriving back home Tom put away the extra traps he had taken though these were only parts and not easily recognizable. Frilly flew to him a look of worry on her face, leaning very close she whispered, "Tom sir, there is a Centaur waiting for you in the next room, he is large and scary and he appears to not be too happy."Tom smiled but prepared for anything, stepping out the huge being limped forward stopping right in front of Tom. "I take it you're this great fucking mage Tom," he spat out. "Off helping the weak creatures and not the strong like my herd/tribe what say you mage?""I am open to help all beings, I have told all that, as long as you not prey on the weak and helpless for gain of the world or a whole 'nother race." Tom replied wondering what was going on now."Then come we have need of your services, if you are who you say you are," the centaur said touching Tom's arm and they flashed to a glen in the Centaurs territory. A female Centaur stepped forward, "Hail king Tonk, the Queen is near term there is nothing the healers can do, who is this human? His odor is offensive to me!" Stepping forward with a raised spear her eyes flew wide when she found she couldn't take another step. "Release me you spawn of the unholy!"King Tonk's eyebrows raised, hmmm he has some power after all he thought, old power at that."He is to be given free rein in the village but watched this is the mage Tom." The female Centaur's eyes flew wide after Tonk said this. "First, though, we need you to watch and make sure none interfere," nodding she glared at Tom as Tonk led Tom to a large house. Inside Tom felt the many charms and wards that were there to stop almost all magic Tom only found them to be a minor annoyance. Led to another area, where Tom saw a female Centaur obviously in distress, "This is my wife ellen, she was due to deliver several hours ago, this distress started and I was told that you could help, know this mage if she dies or the baby, then you die. I know you are supposedly battling Malamon and I don't care, save her to save your self!" Raising his eyebrows Tom just stared Tonk down, "If I save her it will be the right thing to do and as for dying, I guarantee I would take at least half this village before you even touched me! If you want me to demonstrate I can start with you, I am here at a request not as a prisoner." Tonk smiled and looked at his wife going to her when she groaned. "It is good then, we wouldn't have a weak being birthing our child." With that Tonk moved back and allowed Tom to examine her, after a few minutes Tom looked at Tonk, "who told you there was only one child?"Taken aback a moment Tonk stated, "the old doctor for us.""Well, I don't mean to call him a liar but I feel three babies here that's why she's in distress. Two turned the third is blocking the birth canal and the other two." Tom said knowing he had to hurry. "I need hot water, as much clean linen as you can get and a very very sharp knife, also more pillows and clean baskets with clean linen in them, I will save them all but we need to hurry!" Tom shouted as people were flying around getting him what he asked for. Finally getting the one baby turned and pulling his arm out Tom was starting to help Ellen try to deliver the three babies, calling up what power he could he had strengthened her insides but he could only do so much, she was weak from the distress. Trying to feed her more energy wasn't easy the babies tried to take it also, making it doubly hard. A few moments later Ellen screamed as the first contractions started a minute later the first was born a boy, cutting the cord he placed the Centaur baby in the basket and it was taken away to be cleaned. The second appeared not even a minute later another boy, sighing Tom was glad as he felt the third move down into place. It was then he knew something was wrong,Ellen had started to push, then her eyes grew wide and she screamed from the pain. Damnit! The baby had turned sideways and Tom was afraid the cord was around the neck. Trying something he'd never done before, he phased his hands and arms through her and near the baby. Going solid inside only his hands, it was turned with as little movement as possible, then the little girl Centaur was born. After she was ready she was taken away but Tom knew he wasn't through, while turning the girl he had felt the bleeding inside he had to stop it or the mother would die. For some reason Tom thought of Malamon when he again reached in, this wasn't like something he'd do but Tom thought for some reason he had a hand in it. Knowing Malamon, Tom thought that the last that he would heal would be the worst, under this assumption Tom started on the smallest cuts and nicks. As he'd thought they had been magically weakened and would have burst once the bigger ones were healed, then there would have been no way to save her as it would have taken too long to heal several half foot tears. Finishing up two hours later Tom had everything stopped and had looked over everything else. Bone tired, Tom checked Ellen again and sat nearby to watch, nodding several times Tom forced his self to stay awake, waiting for Ellen to awaken. Though he'd saved Ellen's life most of the Centaurs that passed though only glared at Tom as they passed, Knowing little of their customs he glared back and even moved once to stop another who tried to get in to see Ellen."Step aside ya puny little man," the large male said."I am of a mind to hurt someone today, IF you take another step towards Ellen it will be you and it will be most unpleasent!" Tom snapped almost roaring. Snapping his head back the older Centaur was shocked a moment."I see Tonk was right, you are deceptively strong, aye that's good, very good indeed," with that he smiled a huge smile and moved off. Several hours later Ellen awoke, looking around she saw Tom, "The babies, are they well?" she asked as close to pleading as a warrior could get."Yes, they are healthy and strong, as are you, had you not been I wouldn't have been able to save you or the babies," Tom said, leaning out he instructed someone to get Tonk."Mage Tom? Will I have to be in this bed long? I have archery to practice, you are the only one that I will allow to tell me to stay in bed." Ellen said almost in a whisper.Leaning close Tom whispered, "At least a week but if you heal as fast as I think you will maybe 2 days sooner and none less, I am afraid Malamon had tried to have you die after the babies were born. He had weakened several veins that carry your blood,在线播放真实国产乱子伦 had I fixed the big tears and not the little ones first they would have burst almost exploded then I wouldn't have been able to save you." Tears fell from her eyes, "I thank you mage Tom, you have saved not only me but the future of the Centaurs."Tom only nodded and stepped back when Tonk came in to see his wife, glaring a moment at Tom, he held his wife while Tom slipped from the room. Lying down in the bed they had provided, well more like two boards on short saw horse like apparatuses Tom set as strong shields as he could and a spell to wake him up if anyone came near. An hour later he jerked awake and aimed at a young male Centaur that was approaching him, defiant he kept coming, "unless you want to die or end up somewhere you don't want to be, stop NOW! Still refusing Tom froze him, the young Centaur's face first in shock then snarling, shouted obscenities, "Would you also like to not be able to talk? Shut the fuck up!" Still shouting, Tom completely froze the Centaur, his wild eyes the only thing moving several more older Centaurs including the older one from the day before scrambled their way, "Ah! I see one of the young bucks was trying to earn a name," looking back at the many assembled, "aye, watch this one he may look weak but he hides it well, ya see what he's done to young Mattis here, let him go mage I promise ya won't be bothered again." With a nod the young Centaur was released taking a step towards Tom, Tom waved his hand and layed down."When you learn manners and can listen to your elders, I will let you go, 1 attempt on my life I might over look but two? You're lucky I let you keep your legs!" Mattis was afraid now, to kill a human or mage was nothing but to not heed an elder, the human/mage was right he was lucky to be alive unfortunately it was because of Tom. Taking Mattis away the older one asked to approach Tom. Sitting up, Tom waited as The older Centaur kneeled in front of Tom. "I've come ta ask 'bout me daughter, I've seen me granchilren but am worried 'bout her.""When I left her a few hours ago she was getting better had she not been as strong as she was I'd not been able to save her. I felt a slight touch of Malamon and rethought how to heal her, I was right he had fixed part of her so that she'd died had I not healed the way I did." Tom replied.Nodding the older Centaur handed Tom a necklace, "wear this and ya shouldn't have nay more trouble, well nar as much," with a huge smile he got up and left. Several hours later Tom awoke and went to see Ellen, she smiled when he walked in. The three little Centaurs were in their basket around the bed."I've come to check you and possibly heal more," Tom said as he pulled the covers down looking over her vagina and around finding no blood, he next looked at her insides, seeing that the veins were much stronger he was a little surprised, "Well, it appears you may get out of bed sooner," this brought a huge smilke to her face, "I'd say three more days at the most now.""I thought you were a little high with the days before, I can feel how strong a healer you are. I have also heard you were taught by Talinda the Fairy is this true?" Only nodding Ellen's eyes were wide, "No wonder nothing in here effects you, you truly are much stronger than anyone believes, you share the old and the new magic." Just then Tonk walked in."He actually knows the old magic? he asked, "your father was right young Mattis was lucky he still has his legs!" A new respect was forming in Tonk's eyes was this really the one spoke of in legend? "I will have to stay here a few more days to make sure you are healing properly, I hope no one else is injuried before then," Tonk got the meaning and quickly spread the word, though there were no more incidents many still glared at him as he passed. The day he was to leave Tonk gathered the village before him. "My people, as many of you know this is the mage Tom, he has saved the Queen Ellen and spared a few others. He is in a battle against Malamon," at this many shouted in anger, "Tom found that Malamon had put a spell on the Queen to die with the babies when they were born. Tom prevented this and saved all three, today he departs to resume his fight with Malamon, for this he was made a member of the herd temporarily but without your say he will not stay that way before you say either way I will let him speak." Tom stepped up prepared to be booed or have things thrown at him, when this didn't happen he began. "People of the herd, I ask for nothing I want for nothing but one thing, that is the ending of Malamon's rule. Unlike many of the beings in the magical world I will not directly kill him I can not, though as I told Malamon myself last week there are many things worse than death that you can live through," here many of the older Centaurs snickered, "I saved the Queen because it was the right thing to do, not because I want rewards or fame screw that I got enough going on without that. I just know I have to end this with Malamon, with or without you and the other magical beings in this world. I know many here do not like me I smell like a human, I smell like a mage, I tell you now I am both and I am neither, I also do not trust humans or mages." Many of the Centaurs yelled at him that he was a liar and just the same as the others, freezing them all, the shocked looks they showed only seemed to fuel their hatred more."Now as I was saying, I don't care if you help me or not, I don't care if you like me or not. Had I been a killer then this village wouldn't be here any more. I am going to fight Malamon I don't have time for your petty mistrust of me and if I die therefore I won't blame you or anyone else." Looking at a shocked Tonk, Tom continued, "I am pissed off at most of the Centaurs, pray I don't get more." Bowing to Tonk and the Queen Tom was about to Flash out having released the others, when Tonk handed something to Tom. Arriving back at his home Tom sat in his recliner, damn it was good to be home. Frilly flew nearby to Tom she'd been worried about Tom, though she'd been in constant contact with him the Centaurs weren't the easiest people to get along with. Tom noticed her flying nearby and motioned her to him. "Frilly remind me next time the Centaurs want something from me not to go unless it involves life or death. I'm going to bed I haven't slept on anything softer than a board, I need sleep, real sleep, wake me tomarrow morning." Frilly stared at Tom not believing that he was as calm as he was after the last few days and the shunning he had recieved at the hands of the Centaurs. The next morning Tom awoke to the sound of many hooves in the living room of his house. Springing from bed he powered up his shields and stepped around the corner about 20 or more Centaurs were milling around. Tom was starting to get pissed and was about to send them away when he noticed the Queen, Ellen standing behind the group of warriors."I apologize for barging in mage Tom, but since you left Malamon's forces attacked, the king Tonk and a hundred warriors engaged his forces. They were actually winning, having decimated well over half of Malamon's forces, when Malamon his self showed up. He made short work of the warriors Tork had actually cut Malamon once, when he froze Tonk, taking him prisoner. Mage Tom, I know you weren't met with open arms from anyone but me, know that without him the Centaur race could die, Tonk has brought us back from the brink of extinction." Sighing Tom knew he needed to rescue the king, but from the attitude his people, he wondered why he should they probably wouldn't miss him. Shaking his head no, the warriors stepped forward their weapons drawn, just as suddenly they were frozen a look of terror in their eyes, "I warned your people when I was there and out of respect I did nothing there in their land but this is my home. It will never happen here, so if you don't want to be sent home in disgrace, you will apologise right here right now." Unfreezing their mouths he waited, when none of the warriors even attempted he sent the first, then the second, after the third almost all of them quickly apologised. One of the older warriors stood defiant staring Tom down, Tom stared back glaring a look that freeze even the stoutest of hearts. Sighing again Tom was about to wave him away, when the man apologised saying he had to be sure Tom was worthy of am apology. Telling him all she could about what had happened, Tom told them to hold on when he flashed them all there. Tom immediately felt Malamon ahead, then he was gone but Tonk was there still though, something was wrong, advancing Tom and the warriors found the king and 2 warriors still alive. Looking close he could see the king and the other 2 were badly hurt, quickly healing the worst of the cuts, Tonk opened his eyes. "Mage Tom, I cut him, he was angered, I have never felt evil as strong as him before, he was in extreme pain from all the wounds you gave him, you have my pledge to aid you.""You have to convince your people, if they agree come to my house, I have a plan to lure him out and end this," Tom said, The king nodded as Tom finished healing him and the other two. With that Tom was back home preparing to meet Malamon one last time.TO BE CONTINUED






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