two weeks previous精品国产亚洲人成在线观看

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two weeks previous精品国产亚洲人成在线观看

Daniel Wolf Part 2 Jessup Cat3A great wizard bred and crossbred cats and humans until he had a crossbreed of a human cat. He did this so a Wizard could have a familiar that he could trust implicitly .Genus Jessup Cat: Bred from mixtures of assorted cats mixed with Human DNA. The ordinary humanis very attracted to the unclaimed (not attached to a wizard)Jessup Cat and yearns to have sex with them. And they do every chance they get. Once the Jessup Cat becomes a familiar of a Wizard (is claimed) The humans are no longer attracted to them. The odd part is … The Wizard does not choose the familiar. The Jessup Cat makes the choice. A male chooses a female Wizard and a female chooses a male. “My name is Tiiup, I am a crossbreed of a Bobcat, A Panther and a Tabby. And I have chosen you.”Before I could speak she continued... A male and female Wizard can not mate and produce offspring unless they are paired with a Jessup Cat. The same with the Jessup Cats it is a fourway Marriage. “This is somekind of joke I don't believe any of this...”“Uh Dan have you noticed we have been talking with our minds...”This stunned me... and also I begin to notice her features had begun to change...they seemed more familiar... Oh My Goodness... “Cassie … my grand daughter...”“ Why my Grand daughter...why not my wife?”“ Can not portray thy mate.”I sat there dumbfounded then another thing occurred to me. “Why are you my familiar I am not a wizard and I am an old man?”Tiiup held a looking glass, the image I saw reflected a man about thirty. If you were not a wizard then we could not speak mind to mind. I was still stunned from my reflection to even think of how we were comunicating, “HOW!” I gave up and decided to worry about it later... it was time to head on to the Cabin. I packed everything and started on to the Cabin. Around noon we came to a well traveled road as we turned right on it we began to meet people, They were walking or were in horse or oxen drawn carts.I was a bit confused... I knew this road shouldn't exist. I also knew we were less than a half mile from the cabin. Around the next curve ahead it should come into sight... We kept walking. When we reached the point that should have revealed my quaint cabin made by my dad's and my hands...I was shocked by what I saw.What caught my attention was a wooden wall about 20' tall, a fort. It had a large double gate. Above the gate was a sign “DeWOLF TOWN” There were about a dozen buildings out side the Gate with children playing together near them. When they saw me and Tiiup they stopped playing and stared as we passed.We entered through the gate... I was shocked at the visage before me. The walled area covered about thirty acres. Just inside the gate was a Market Square and two Inns. We walked in the gate and the two guards checking a cart saw me and they snapped to attention... I just nodded and walked on by.Straight across the Square and to the right was my Cabin, but it looked different... about 4 times larger than I remember. As we neared the door was flung open and a short chubby man stumbled out and went into a bow.“Grand Duke we were worried we had expected you yesterday.” He began filling me in on everythingI felt Tiiup's mind touching mine. “His name is Dax. He is your Major Domo he cares for this home while you are away.” “DeWolf Town is your home domicile but is not the Capitol of your Duchy.” “Your Capital, Foxwood, is five times larger then DeWolf Town. Your Duchey is Reynard Land.” I waved Dax away and said “Later.”Two young women a blond,a red head and an older lady entered the room and said ,”Your bath is ready... Come come while the water is hot.”I arose an followed them in to the next room which was a room set aside just for Bathing. I thought a moment and decided to go with the flow. I began to strip, I glanced up and blushed a bit, the two young women were about 16, and were removing their clothes also. I crawled into the very large tub, the girls crawled in with me. The older woman was sitting on a stool along side the tub. She was giving the girls instructions and handing them soft rags and scrub brush and soap. She would also give me directions, such as stand, bend over straighten etc etc. She wasn't pleased with the way one of the girls was doing my back. I glanced over at her just in time for the last stitch of clothing of hers hit the floor.She was stepping over the side of the tub and I was faced with a wide open gaping hairy Pussy.. Don't ask me why but I had not even glanced at the young girls below the waist. I did so now they were almost devoid of hair. My mouth began to water they looked so tasty.Then I felt the strangest feeling on my back and my mind snapped back to the presant. The older woman was giving instructions in the proper way to wash a gentleman.. First she soaped up her pussy and Tits (which were cantalope sized ) Then she began rubbing them all over my back. The girls began to emulate her.They soaped themselves and began on my front. When they would do my arms and slide down them I would cup my hands and feel their pussies, they would giggle. It was quickly obvious neither were virgins as the redhead slid down my stomach she impelled herself on my raging hard on. She started to raise her self up and off but I held her down... Why not if what Tiiup told me, unless they were wizards I couldn't get them pregnant. And after so much time without a hard on... I hated to waste one. The other two continued to wash me as if there had been no change.I pumped as hard as I could while my little redhead moved across the complete spectrum with her ass. Which I now had a handful. Very delightful and nicely formed I might add. I felt a gentle movement drawing my shoulders down. My head came to rest on the Hairy pussy. I looked up just in time to see the blond pussy descending toward my mouth. I could hear the older woman catching her breath. As I was moving my head around reaching for other spots with my tongue, my head was moving around on the older ones clit. So in essence I was working all three at once. The little blond sure had a sweet tasting pussy. I had to search for her clit it was as if it had never really been worked on before. Every time my tongue flicked across it her butt would jerk. This would cause my head to rub the older clit. I was thinking let them have their fun, my little redhed is getting near. It was obvious from her huffing and growling and occasional howl. Then she rammed her self down on my cock. She had been helping the Blond by playing with her tits. Thus when she slammed down she pulled back on the blonds tits and shoulders forcing her pussy down on to my tongue.Surprisingly enough the blond exploded first flooding her nectar into my mouth.And she began to topple to the side.The red head howled again and fell backwards as she released a massive orgasm. I slipped out of her. I told the young ones to get more hot water. Then I tured over raked my hand through the older hairy bush. Then I raised her onto her knees and mounted her from behind. She was already feverish from so much working of her clit with no satisfaction. I worked her slowly. I was hoping she would reach climax quickly. I had not released as yet and I didn't wish to leave her hanging.I heard her saying something so I leaned over her back so I could hear her...she was saying “Harder, Faster.” So I obliged she Screamed “Now!” And the dam broke and I flooded her insides as she climaxed and fell forward. I quickly had to grab her head as she was slipping under water.I lifted her out and laid her on the floor. The young ones came back in and the blond pulled the plug to drain the bath. Then they began to refill the tub and dump in the hot water for us to rinse off. Have to admit it was the best bath I hve had in years. After all that I finally found out their names. The blond was Jo, redhead Rose and their Mother was just Mom. DeWolf Town 4I was amazed at how the Cabin seemed to incorporate elements of my old world and this to me New World, As I mentioned the Cabin was at least four times larger on the outside. Really since it was three stories and a basement it was much larger.After my bath I dressed in the clothes that Dax had lain out. I walked into a room which appeared to be a Reception Hall. There was a large table facing the doorway with an Ornate chair in the center. I heard Tiiup in my mind explaining this was where I held court. I turned back around and the room was beginning to fill up.Dax was leading me to the Large Chair, Tiiup giggled , “Time to hold court...” For the next hour I settled petty arguments.Suddenly things got quiet. Then the door opened and a man in chains was ushered in... there was a rumbling and a lady screamed out “He killed my baby...” I assumed the main attraction was coming up.He was dragged to the table and made to stand facing me...He was a gruesome looking creature and it was obvious the guards had not been gentle when they took him. Dried blood covered his face and both eyes were blackened. His lips were swollen but he still manageed to snarl and to make threats.Dax unrolled a scroll and read the charges. “On Wednesday,人人妻人人澡人人爽人人精品 two weeks previous, John Blackmoore did break in to the home of Roger and Lois Clay. Using a cudgel he began to beat Roger demanding payment for some obscure debt. When Lois tried to interfere John Blackmoore hit her across the mouth with the cudgel knocking out her front teeth.”There was an underlying mumble throughout the room that was growing in intensity. Dax continued, “Roger and Lois's young daughter Sally who was a tiny girl for her age,” Dax Sobbed, “ Only 16 she was, tried to protect her Mother.” John Blackmore grabbed her and flung her to the floor where she hit her head and was rendered unconcious.“John Blackmoore looked at Sally whose dress was askew and yelled he would get his payment. He picked up Sally, ripped off her dress, dropped his pants and began to rape this innocent child.” “He wrapped his big hands around her neck and as she struggled his brutality increased. As he reached completion he strangled this helpless baby girl.”“But he wasn't finished he threw Lois on to the table and brutalized her... ““It was at this time the guards arrived and arrested him. Since he put up a fight he met with some small injuries.”I looked at this wretched piece of filth and asked, “How do you plead...? “ Rather than answer he spit a gob of spittle and blood which landed in the middle of the table in front of me. The guard hit him across the back with the shaft of the spear he carried.I smiled, “I take that as a guilty Plea.” I looked at Dax, “Call the first witness”For the next hour I heard the same story repeated with few changes. “John Blackmoore do you have anything to say before I pass sentence ?”John looked across the table with an evil glint in his eye, “ I am not guilty, I was within my rights to collect a debt owed me by Roger Clay.”“And what might that debt be? I asked.“ He owed me 6 coppers for a chicken his dogs killed.” ( In our world that would have been aboutfifteen cents. )“Oh, and did you see his dogs kill your chicken?”“No but later I saw them in my yard,”“So, because sometime after your chicken was killed, you saw Roger Clay's dogs in your yard you assumed they had done the deed.”John nodded his head. “Then you stewed on your suspected conclusion until you became angry and attacked Roger, with him not even knowing why.”John nodded again“John Blackmoore you are an evil misguided man and I find you guilty of two counts of Rape, three counts of Assualt and Battery and one count of Murder. First: I strip you of all your belongings and give them To Roger and Lois Clay. Second you will be strung up on the whipping post and whipped, twenty five lashes each day for the next five days. Third: On the sixth day you will be hung by the neck till you are dead.”I stood up and backed from the Table, Dax called out, “ Court Dismissed. “John Blackmoore was still screaming his innocenceas they drug him out the door.The next morning I took a walk mainly get an idea of the size of the town and its resources. The streets were narrow and there was not much traffic except for foot traffic. The only wide road was from the South Gate to the North Gate. East and West Gate were for foot traffic only and was mostly businesses. The buildings were shops on the first floor and homes on the second. Most of them had balconys on the 2nd floor this served as their front yards. In the evening they would sit outside in their rockers and just enjoy life. They were close enough they could converse with their neighbors.I would bet many love affairs got started on these balcony's.

“故事是非线性的,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事,在这个共享的开放世界中精品国产亚洲人成在线观看,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。




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