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home repair久播影院无码中文字幕

Author’s Note: This is the first story that im posting that I have actually written. If you don’t like it that’s fine please do not comment just vote and leave. Anyone else constructive criticism is welcome, although I am not a language major and this site is free. So if you want perfect grammar or spelling to bad, spellcheck is all you get. Also no sex in the prologue sorry it is for the back story.Hope you like it!!Also any reference to historical figures is completely fictional if it offends you….. My Bad!!Glossary:Djinn - is a genie, magic lamp, wish granting, believed in ancient times to be demons, and therefore evil. They are neither demons nor evil. They are generally just mischievous or really pissed. (Have someone stuff you in a tiny ass bottle and see if you’re happy.)King Solomon the Wise- um….He was very wise and powerful sorcerer. Said the be the son of David, as in David and Goliath. (If you don’t know the story, just look it up or something.)Solomon’s Seal- The Seal of God, given to him by the arch-angel Michael.The Void- an in between dimensions, it’s a freaking void as the name implies there is nothing there.Prologue: Solomon’s DeathIsrael 931 B.C. King Solomon the wise stepped behind a pillar, avoiding lightning strike.Razark last of the Djinn stood across the large marble hall of the king’s palace sparks dancing and snapping around his out stretched hands. The king’s life blood seeped around the hand he had pressed into his side to staunch flow. His eyes flicked to the white marble pillar and he regretted the single moment of inattention that allowed the Djinn to cause the destruction. When the pillar had crashed to the ground he had jerked around just in time to have a sailing splinter of marble to punch into him. The pain drove him to his knees, which luckily saved him from the djinns second missed strike. Lifting his signet ring, the ring given to him by his God, he gathered the last of his strength, “Buy the Seal of God I command you to obey demon.”Razark immediately became immobile unable to fight the power of the seal.“Well it looks like foolishness can kill even a king called The Wise,” Solomon stated looking down seeing his blood pour out and pool around him. He accepted his death as inevitable and his thoughts shifted to his seven loving daughters who he would never see again in this lifetime. He thought how he could provide for them for with his death they would fall into jeopardy as women were considered possessions, and were often abused. He steeled himself and stepped around the column to face his murderer, and his daughter’s savior. “Demon, by the Seal of God I command you to future continuation of my daughters lives, and to do all within your power to make their new lives a happy one. As soon as you have finished with this task you are to return to your bottle and transport it another dimension, devoid of all life or possibility of life. This is my last order to you, as the last you will go to the void and plague mankind no longer.”This said he sank to his knees, and in a pool of his own blood died, looking up into the smiling face of last High Djinn.Razark, smiling, as he teleported to the room the Solomon’s youngest daughter, Sar-Rah. She Lay there sleeping. Holding her oldest sister close in her sleep and sucking her thumb. She looked beautiful and fragile. His eyes flicked to the eldest sister whom he had cursed for taunting him, she looked so cute like that. All of the other sisters had been kind when interacting with him, but only Sar-Rah had come right up to him without fear. Whenever they had interacted she had always been that way, kind and courageous. Razark brought the other five sisters to the bed by the force of his will and magic, keeping them asleep for the time being he got to work. Several hours later…Sar-Rah raised her head, stretching and yawning, got up.Razark watched her rise up. She was beautiful and she moved with the lithe movements of a dancer in a kind of bubble of happiness that was almost unheard of at the age fifteen seeing as teenagers of anytime are always moody.“Good evening Sar-Rah,” said Razark.She whipped around in surprise, as she made a high pitched squeal, that made his teeth hurt.“Please don’t do that again.”“Well don’t scare me like that and I wouldn’t have done it,久久久久久精品无码” she replied. “I should put a bell on you.”She giggled as a tiny bell appeared around his neck on a black cord and chimed. He beamed at her smiling face.Slowly her smile faded and she fidgeted. “What are you doing here Razark?”“I’ve come by order of the King.”“What are father’s orders?”“To see you and your sisters to a new life and to see that you’ll be happy in it.”“Why would father want us to go, he needs us by his side.”“He is dead,” he replied with averted eyes not wanting to see her pain. He still heard the single sob that escaped her.“Well what happens now?” she asked her voice only quivered slightly.“Well seeing as how there is no way you or your sisters will be happy in this time period and seeing has to how your father has almost killed off my entire species. I have turned all seven of you part djinn.”She stared at him with uncomprehending eyes. “I am part Djinn now?”“Yes. A Lesser Djinn of Servitude to be exact.”“You turned me into a Djinn slave?” she screeched and launched herself at him.He easily fended her off even though his great strength was waning.“Please, Sar-Rah we don’t have much time left before the spell I set puts you and the others into stasis.”She retreated, her glare almost hot enough to melt the skin from his body. “Why would you do this to me? I though you liked me.”“I do this is the only way I could accomplish your father’s last wish and saving my kind from complete extinction. Also to answer your earlier question you are not a Djinn Slave, you are a Djinn servant.”“What is the difference?”“The difference is that a slave has no choice while a servant can refuse. Now be quiet have some things to tell you and I’m running out of time, your father’s last wish is compelling me to finish and I must explain before I do.”“Ok.”“Alright first you and your sisters are now Lesser Djinn of different aspects. For example you are a Lesser Djinn of Servitude. A Lesser Djinn is created by taking a Djinn’s life-force and fusing it to the soul of a human. This can only be done a High Djinn, Djinn royalty is as close as I can come to explaining in the short amount of time we have. Now, to turn the seven of you into Lesser Djinn took a miniscule amount of my life-force. You each also now contain 1/7 of all my remaining life-force after your transformations. Are you following so far?”“Um, I think so. What is a Djinn of Servitude? Why the extra power? What aspects are my sisters? Why are we running out of time?”“Slow down. First, we are running out of time because I’m dying, your father wished me to take myself to the Void. Second, a Djinn a Servitude is a Djinn who can grant wishes that fall in the realm of housekeeping food, clothes, home repair, renovating, etcetera. Third, your sisters will know what aspects they are automatically when they awake. Only you don’t because I needed you to wake before the end and if I started putting information directly into your brain you would have need to sleep. Fourth, the extra power is for the future husband of you seven. It will sit inside you until you consummate your love with him. After he has lain with all of you the power will convert him into a High Djinn, thus enabling him and you seven to continue our species.”She just stood there staring at him, mouth slightly agape. “Any questions Sar-Rah?” “Why am I the only one awake? Why are you only telling me this?”“I’m only telling you this because you will be the one to choose your and your sisters future husband. You are the kindest, wisest, and able to see people for who they really are out of all your sisters, so it falls to you. And you are awake so I can give you this you must except it willingly to give to your husband.”As he finish speaking he raised his arm and opened his hand in his palm sat Solomon’s Seal. She reached out with a shaking hand and took it from him, sliding it on to her thumb, the only of her fingers it would fit.“Now what,” she ask.“Now you’re going to get sucked into you bottle with you sisters. Be careful with that ring the man you give it to will be the one you have chosen for you all. Only you will be released from the bottle at first if you accept the man the magic will release the other when it is deem to give the man the greatest chance of successfully courting them. If you reject the man the magic will read you intent and you will be drawn back into the bottle.”She just stood there looking at the dying Djinn at a complete loss for words. Then a tingling started in her feet and she looked down at your now almost completely transparent legs.“What’s happening,” she cried in panic.“Don’t be afraid, little one, it is just the magic drawing you into the bottle. You won’t even aware of the years passing you just go sleep and awake and hopefully be with your future husband. The magic will seek out one who you can love and will love you in turn. I wish you happiness in the future. My time is also up death will release me from the obligation of fulfilling the last of your fathers wish, a final fuck you to him.”As the last of the mist that was Solomon’s daughters streamed into the bottle and it vanished to a location where its journey through the millennia to their hopefully happy life, the last of the High Djinn the world would see for a long time died with a smile on his face.





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