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"this is my son92国产精品午夜福利无毒不卡

A Good Man 7----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awakening Tom was still tired, damn hadn't been like that since all this started. Rolling out of bed he was shocked to see Futha sitting beside his bed, she hadn't made a sound upon entering waiting quietly for Tom to awake."Hello Futha, I'm sorry I wasn't awake to greet you," Tom said.Again Futha was surprised no one apologised to brownies, especially mages, they always seemed aloof like they were better than everyone. Hell that was the main reason the council of magical beings was formed to keep the mages mostly in check. "Hello mage Tom, I am here today with a request for you, as you know I have now lost 2 children. I wish more but with my husband dead I haven't much hope of his children any more, unless there is something you can do. I have heard that you may be able to obtain what I need just from something of his, my question is can you?" Futha sat back a look of hope on her face as she waited with baited breath for Tom's answer. Thinking for a few minutes, Tom tried to think of a way to do this with out interferingwith the past or traveling there. "Do you have something of his I could see? like a hair brush a shirt anything that might have touched his body," Tom replied an idea forming in his mind."Yes, I have his hair brush," she said as she handed it to Tom."ok Futha, give me a day, see me tomarrow but be prepared you might have to do something you might not want to do," Tom said had it been any other mage Futha would have expected the worse but with Tom she wasn't afraid. After she left, Tom experimented, seeking the hair on the brush Tom looked extremely close seeing exactly what he needed. Removing the brown hair Tom made a stoppered vial and began making the genetic material he needed. Two hours later he was ready to start stripping the hair down he finally found it, set it in the vial then made what he needed. Good he thought this was ready now he had to work on defeating Malamon. Sighing he knew he couldn't kill him, he was too strong to freeze and strip him of his powers, though he'd removed at least 15 abilities from him, Tom knew he was still powerful. He knew that the next time they faced off Tom might not make it. Sitting Tom was deep into his concentration when Frilly flew next to him. For an hour she watched Tom wondering if she could help him, Sighing she layed down knowing that Tom might be at this for the rest of the day. Several plans started to form but Tom disregarded them seeing that too many beings would be destroyed, killed or maimed these people had seen too much of that already this shit needed to end. Sitting up he noticed Frilly nearby, he hadn't seen her much the last few days and had been a little worried about her. Stirring Frilly looked up seeing Tom staring at her, "I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you Tom sir."A little taken aback Tom thought she didn't know just how much she had helped him."Yes Frilly, I need you to tell Futha I will be ready in the morning for her," Tom said"Yes sir, anything else?" she replied"No, that's about it right now but stay near me I might later," Tom was watching her especially when she was smiling after he suggested she stay nearby. Tom knew something was going on with her but wasn't quite sure what problem was right now he didn't have enough time. The next morning Futha arrived Tom was awake and waiting on her. Sealing up the house he had Futha remove all her clothes and lay back on the bed spread as wide open as she could."AlrightFutha, I have it right here, I am sorry you had to disrobe but I have to see to do this," Tom said as he tried to not become aroused, she might be short but damn! with her plain clothes off she was somewhat sexy. Reaching between her legs her vagina grew large then larger still, Tom slowly pushed his hand into her now huge sex. Reaching her cervix he had it opened and released the genetic material directly into her womb. Withdrawing he saw that it had taken and she would soon be pregnant. Not lost on her reaction, she was breathing very heavy and had even had a small orgasm. Tom told her that she could get dressed now but he needed to see her in a few days, to make sure it had really taken. Her eyes huge she could hardly believe that he had been able to do it. Thanking him with a kiss on the cheek, she left a warm glowing feeling between her legs. Tom had gotten a little too excited and releaved his self before he began to look for Malamon again. Reaching out Tom began listening to all the beings again, after 2 hours it appeared that Malamon was still hurt and hadn't been out to hurt anyone else yet. Sighing Tom withdrew sitting for a moment, he thought he heard someonein the front room. Sneaking a peak the odor hit him before he had his head around the corner, hmmm must be the Trolls. Tom noticed that the troll seemed to be in distress, that didn't help the fact that Tom's eyes were watering from the fumes the troll was exuding. In a booming voice it stated, "I am looking for the great mage Tom."Tom trying not to gag opened his mouth to answer but snapped it shut just as quickly. Waving his hand the smell was gone, "now then, what brings you here?""We wish to report that there are strange goings on in our territory, we fear it is Malamon several of my people have disappeared," the Troll said."Ok." Tom replied, "I'll look into it." the Troll hesitated giving Tom a look he couldn't discern, "is there anything else?""We are hesitant to ask," the Troll started, "many don't want to be near us.""You may ask, I do not judge," Tom replied.Sighing the Troll brought a smaller version of itself forward, "this is my son, yesterday he returned from hunting for herbs, he collapsed soon after. He screams and moans at times his mother nor anyone in the family can wake him." Tom reached out, moving in and out he delved into the young trolls mind, the deeper he went the stranger it got. He was deeper than he'd ever been, when he felt what felt like steel doors closing behind him. A moment later he could also feel Malamon, snapping out he caught the doors and flung them away towards Malamon, the satisfying crunch and scream of Malamon's that came back a few minutes later, made Tom smile. Reaching the bottom of the boys mind Tom found all the bad thoughts that had been planted, destroying those he suddenly noticed the small figure that was watching him. "Are you here to hurt me too? The other man promised me a lot of things, then he put those things here. They hurt so much I had to hide so they wouldn't hurt me any more." the small figure asked."No I'm not here to hurt you, I am here to take all of the pain away, is that ok with you?" Tom asked hoping he could lead the boy back out."If it makes the pain go away then sure, who are you? You look like a mage but papa says that mages and most other races are afraid of us," the boy saidDrawing close Tom replied, "yes, I am a mage but many of the races have said I am different, I don't know, I am the same as I have always been, do you want me to be like the others?""Oh no! I like you, you really are different from the others, does this mean I can go out now?" the young boy asked."Yes, as soon as I put a happy thought in the front and hide away the bad, so that they are more like bad dreams then you and I will will go out ok?" Tom said to which the boy nodded. Finally finishing up they moved toward the top, Tom told the boy he'd be out there when he woke up. Tom exited and looked at the boys father, "he should be ok now, he was coming to the surface when I left." With that,国产精品亚洲专区无码唯爱网 within moments, the boys eyes opened, looking at his father he leaned over to whisper in his father's ear. The adult troll looked up at Tom tears streaming from his eyes."I didn't believe many of the stories I heard about you, healing the minds of different races, now I am glad my wife convinced me that you are different. I am sure you have heard this before but I also owe you a life and that of my family,"the adult troll said, "for this you have the loyalty of all the trolls." Though not that surprised Tom was a little taken aback, he didn't think that the trolls ever would pledge themselves to anyone not even each other. Shit! what the fuck was going on? He had over half the races pledged to him and he felt he hadn't even done anything. Waiting for the trolls to go, he told them he'd follow. After they left he cleared the room and told Frilly he was going to the Trolls territory, though she'd seen what had passed she was still afraid for him she to knew that the Trolls were loyal to no one. Tom assured her that he's be fine and to let the council know where he was going. Flashing into the bog area of the Trolls, Tom waved his hand and any stench that would have reached him was gone. Several trolls were waiting for him and pointed to a cave nearby. Advancing, he could feel Malamon deep within the cave, drawing his power in Tom took a deep breath and walked into the mouth of the cave. Malamon felt Tom as soon as he entered the cave, drawing his shields up he waited nothing but hatred on his face. 60 of his strongest cronies were also waiting, Tom entered feeling each man in the room. he's already removed 3 of the men's power and they weren't even aware, the second 3 were done as soon as he rounded the corner, the third set as soon as he saw Malamon. Still trying he had 12 powerless when the other 48 attacked. Malamon smiled, soon this little bitch's power would be his, then no one would stand in his way then. Tom was removing as many as he could, he'd taken 24 of the 60 when Malamon decidedto attack. "You are mine you fucking bitch! There is no way you can outlast my strongest 60 and me, when you feel your powers draining you will know that I will soon have both worlds. I was born to rule this world!" Tom smiled at that, Malamon took exception to it and sent bolts of fire and electricity that just bounced off Tom's shields. With half of his men gone Malamon still felt confident reaching for Tom he found he couldn't even get near him. Tom was getting annoyed by the last 30 men, they were like gnats to him now. With a yell Tom sent out another sonic wave knocking all but 2 out. Malamon just stared what the fuck was that? Gathering a huge fire ball he was about to shot Tom with it but Tom had pressed it toward him , causing it to explode Malamon barely had enough sheild up and got slightly burned. Tom had delved in and broken another power just as Malamon flashed out, Tom smiled as Malamon screamed again and was gone. Taking the last 2 men's power Tom took his time removing the other 28. Most would wake up with no powers and probably no memory of ever having any. Moving from man to man Tom made sure each was now unconscious satisfied he was turing to go when he heard a small groan toward the back of the cave. Walking back he found a small female form curled up in a ball not far from where Malmon had been laying. Drawing closer Tom saw that it was the pixie who had rushed forward after he had healed the sprite female. Looking up at Tom her eyes flew wide and she started to scream louder than Tom thought she should for just being scared. Reaching out Tom felt her terror a blinding horror that had taken over her mind. Trying to delve into her mind she screamed even harder kicking out at Tom she tried to escape. Sighing Tom put her to sleep, problem was she was so upset she was resisting his efforts. Afraid she might hurt her self or he would her, if he pushed harder, he called for Queen Adalar, the pixie appeared her eyes wide ,the girl, seeing Adalar started to calm. Nodding to Tom he once again reached out delving into her mind, going deep again, Tom began to see the tell tale signs of Malamon's cruelity. The pixie had been tortured again and again Tom wasn't sure he'd be able to help her, her mind was scambled her thoughts scattered and her thoughts were almost pure insanity. <You have to hold her tight, Malamon tortured her to the point that her mind is scrambled. I will do my best but it might take a long time to bring her back to you.> Tom thought to Adalar.<I can feel she has lost alot of her self please do what you can even a little of her back is better than nothing> Adalar replied to Tom. Going as deep as he dared, Tom began to see scenes of pure horror that Malamon had left in her mind, removing each as he went along was barely helping. Soon he was as deep as he dared to go, the young pixie had lost over 95% of her mind Tom had been at it for an hour all he had managed to do was give her something to anchor herself to while he tried to heal the real damage. Soon he saw the damage starting to stand out, some too far away to reach, starting to withdraw he now healed everything he saw on the way back out. Reaching the surface he withdrew, sighing he look at the Queen shaking his head, "I healed quite a bit, he tortued her over and over for hours, I have anchored her mind and removed half of everything he did but it wasn't the worst part of it." Tom said a sad look on his face. "How much of her will I have?" Adalar asked"As I said I removed half of it but the worst is still there, had I gone deeper it would have caused her to react violently possibly to the point of killing someone or her self. What I healed will help her to hold on till it is stronger I don't dare go deeper. As for how much," here Tom sighed deeply, "you need to keep her inside you will see brief flashes of her but she needs rest and the sections I did to grow stronger, that way I can go back in deeper."Adalar nodded, "I thank you without you I might not have even a slim chance of saving her." Tom watched as they left he knew he had finally gotten ahold of one of Malamon's major power he just didn't know which one, damnit! it was frustrating the bastard needed to be stopped once and for all. All these children he had hurt and killed, all the magical beings he had drained he had to put a stop to Malamon once and for all. Everytime he got close except fot that first time it almost seemed as if he knew he was com... interesting. Tom shook his head why the hell hadn't he thought of that before? Sitting back Tom started to think of who it might be they might not even know that they were telling him. For hours Tom went over everything that had happened over the past few weeks the meetings the small battles, the reactions of Malamon when they had fought, the more he thought about it the more he knew. Frilly was hovering nearby wondering what he was thinking about, she had been worried about Tom. He was always so busy now, still she hoped that Tom could help her with her problem she had been saddled with for over 3000 years now. Finally Tom straightened up and looked at Frilly, "Frilly, I'm going out to look for more of Malamon's cronies, think I'll start in this country again. I think in the park where it all started with our training, I've got enough of them now that any I take out will really weaken him." Tom appeared on the edge of the park, well hidden he reduced his power down til it was almost nil. The first appeared 5 minutes later, Tom began to put them to sleep as soon as they appeared. There were about 30 unconscious before they started to come in bigger groups, 10 at a time. After about 50 Malamon appeared Tom was well ready when he flashed in. As he appeared Tom was already delving into his mind the last few weeks Tom had been wittleing away at his defenses and his minor powers. Now his central magic core was starting to get uncovered. Unprepared Malamon was caught off guard Tom ripped through his defences like toilet paper reaching deeper than he ever had, Tom sliced through Malamon's mental control of others and his ability to hide his self. Tom finally had Malamon's magical core exposed but to Tom's shock it was the thickest he's ever seen. Damnit! he had started to chip away at it, Malamon screaming like he was being skinned alive, Knowing he had to hurry Tom was slashing and slicing as hard as he could he'd detached a fourth of all of Malamon's magic when he flashed out. Cursing Tom tried to follow, keeping as close as he could Tom was caught unaware when he hit what felt like a solid brick wall. Cursing again Tom realized that he had taken his mind off everything except trying to catch and stop Malamon, this had afforded Malamon the chance to erect his shields. Tom Thought of home before he passed out, arriving at home he took one step toward the bed and the world went dark. Damn Tom thought this sucks with that he was unconscious beside the bed a slow seep of blood from his forehead and cheek. Frilly was freaking out calling everyone that could heal to the house. As the many arrived Tom was picked up and placed on the bed, Azel watched as all the healers started healing. The next day Tom awoke in his bed his head throbbing, for a few minutes Tom was a little confused wondering how he had gotten there. Queen Aladar was beside him along with Talinda a look of worry on both their faces. The mage council was there also, Tom relayed what had happened in the last battle, their faces were shocked that Tom had been that close to ending the terror that had plagued them for almost 5000 years. After most of the people had left Adalar spoke, "mage Tom again we wish to thank you for all you have done, my daughter is better.""Remember I need to see her in a few days," Tom said, "just be ready then." The queen nodded then left, with that Tom smiled he finally had a plan to get Malamon.TO BE CONTINUED






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