we all must be prepared高中生无套内精

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we all must be prepared高中生无套内精

Finally, classes were going like they were supposed to, hell even better now that I had the elder's son helping. Beginning the second week I had increased all their power to almost twice what it had been, though no where nearly as strong as mine. The whole time I had also been trying to increase Celina's power after a few days I was finally feeling an increase there also. I had put more feelers out on the brother but still got nothing. I was beginning to think I night have actually killed him either that or he'd gone further underground than I thought he might. Cloe was far stronger than I thought she would have been. Starting the second week she still hadn't broken, damn now I was starting to feel like shit it was never a good thing to break the spirit of such a strong woman. That night returning home I finally took all 3 clips off her, though I didn't relieve her I did finally ease her torment. "What's the matter Tyrome? Ya going soft? She said I could almost feel her thumbing her nose at me. "No, I don't want ya getting killed if that damn brother shows up, me included, why not be a good girl, and clam the fuck up a while huh?" I told her hoping against hope that she took it to heart and actually give me a break. I should have known it was too good to be true as I saw her open her mouth to start in on me. "You forget who you are talking to! I am a member of the council! I could..." I shot her with a silence spell to shut her up, "I gave you a chance, I don't like breaking women not your type, but so help me you are pushing me there woman! You're almost as bad as my last wife always thought she was better, half my power but still she thought she was better. You see where that bitch is now, I can tell Cloe, and you're headed down the same damn path!" Cloe's eyes grew wide as she saw the truth in what I'd said, but still I could see the rebellion deep in her eyes. Sure I'd gotten through but that was all I hadn't really gotten anywhere. Walking out I was about to reach for the door when I felt a presence I didn't really like the feel of. Drawing up at least 10 wards I waited for the inevitable blasting away of the door. Sure enough not 10 seconds later the door was splintered."Tyrome, you bastard! What spell did you use on me you piece of shit! Half of my powers are gone you piece of filth! When I catch you I'm going to gut you like the piece of foul piece of shit you are!" The voice of the brother I had partially stripped of power came though the open door way. "Yeah, it's good to see you again too Tron! So you liked that little spell huh?" I laughed. Roaring Tron blasted away again at my door way, "you little prick! You're a dead son of a bitch!" Laughing again I replied, "Been called worse than that Tron you can do better! Geez! How lame can you get?" The blasts started to come faster, good I'd really pissed him off, any time now I could take him down with no problem. I'd started to move when I remembered Cloe, she was unconscious, wrapping her in several spells I leapt out freezing Tron as he was preparing another volley. Leaning close I snarled in his ear, "You bastard! How dare you come after me! I want you to remember this, but only this!" Reaching in I began to rip away at every power he had and a few new ones that were starting to emerge, god really nasty ones at that. Finally there was nothing left, leaning close I whispered, "I was an enforcer for a reason, as far as I know there are only 2 that can permanently remove magical abilities besides me, I am the newest, number three. You're lucky this time I only removed them for a few weeks, next time." Here he was sobbing huddled against the wall, "I remove them all, and they set you free in the human world where I am sure you'd do real good." Flashing out I appeared at the prison Tron had been in, the guards stepped back as I growled stripping him naked I began to take several charms off him. "Been a busy boy I see, naughty." Shoving him into magic resistant restraints I sent several wards, then restrained his legs. "Never again will you get out, I've made sure of that!"Again as I had done to my now ex-wife, I closed the door then the wall over the door, I could hear Tron screaming that I had murdered him. Ignoring him, I waved my hand and all was quiet as the wall thudded closed. Turning, the council was behind me, "Again we are in your debt Mage Tyrome," the elder said. "The conditions you have included in this and your ex's cells are being considered for many others." Bowing I started to leave, and then turned back to the council, "I was questioning a squealer earlier, he said that Tron had help from my ex and another, a very powerful other. If it is indeed the return of him, we all must be prepared, though I am far more powerful than I was back then, I am afraid that I would be easily overcome by him now. May I have the permission of the council to increase my power in order to combat him?" I asked. Most of the council was confused except for the two elders, they both held frightened looks on their faces. "At the present time you may up two levels, though you are at present five levels past where he was back then." the elder said "Yes," I replied, "though I know him better than anyone, he will have been increasing all this time. I could be ten levels higher in two days." "We realize this, but you must realize we have a responsibility to all the magic community. We will consider it though, Mage Tyrome." The elder answered a sigh escaping his lips. Damn I swear these idiots were going to get us all killed! two levels? That was a drop of water in an ocean when it came to him. I knew I was the only one that could take him, hell I had been the only one then, though we were more on an even keel back then ... I also knew that the bastard would be trying to make sure WHEN he came back that nothing would stand in his way and I knew that included me. "Again," I started, "last time the council waited to make a move against him and was destroyed. Cedrick won't..." All of the council gasped that I had uttered his name like I had. "Are you trying to summon him here?" A younger member of the council hissed at me. "Then you should let me increase at least ten levels more, then we'd have no problem." I snapped out. "You know that we can't do that, you are already higher than anyone but the elder anymore and then there'd be no one to take you if you go bad." Another of the young members said. "I have been an enforcer for the council for over 200 years, before that I was a bounty hunter. One would think that by now I have proved my loyalty to the council and the magic community!" I shouted to emphasize my point. Pissed more at the council than I'd been in quite some time, I flashed out to the nearest junk yard and started in destroying everything in my way. A few moments later I heard a throat clearing, "You keep this up Tyrome and you just might attract attention." I heard the elder say. "Go the fuck away unless you want to see just how high my power is!" I hissed at him. "Hey! Damn it Tyrome I'm not the enemy here!." He replied. "Yeah? Well guess what? I'm not either! For well over 300 years I have served the council and the interests of the magical community and you're going to hand cuff me when you need me the most?" I shouted at him shocking him a moment. "Look Tyrome you know that after what he did, every council member is frightened that there will be a repeat..." the elder started. "Yes! There will be! It will be him destroying most of the council and more than likely me! I have nowhere to run or hide! You forget it was me who banished him last time and it will be me that he comes after first. Then he's coming after you, the elder council leader, and the other elder. The only difference this time is that there will be NO ONE to stop him!" I was damn near screaming now, I knew that there were idiots on the council (you only had to look no further than Cloe), but this was bordering on plain insanity! "Alright," the elder said, "I came here to grant you unofficial permission to up your levels, five instead of two." Holding up his hand when I started to protest, "As I said UNOFFICAL permission, but I think you should go higher, you're not a yes man any more, do what you think is best." With a wry smile the elder nodded then was gone. Son of a bitch! So they were taking this serious after all! I started right there in the junk yard I was almost another level now as it was but it never hurt to push a little, an hour later I felt 'norms' approaching. Sighing I had at least increased a level and 3/4. If I met him now, he'd probably kill me but at least he'd be hurting also. Flashing back into my apartment I sat on the bed, god I was tired, it always took a lot out of me fighting any of the brothers. Then of course there was the fact that I had increased my power, the exercises were trying also.Cloe was sitting on her pallet at the foot of the bed, "finally through screwing your mage whore I see!" She snapped as nasty as she could. "No bitch, unlike you I've been trying to prepare for Cedrick..." I started. "Damn it Tyrome! Don't mention his name like that! The last person that did summoned him and they were dead within ten seconds!" Cloe hissed. "You need to check your history," I snapped out at her, "I was the one you are talking about! Our battle lasted a minute and a half. I got lucky, then, I was actually a level above him, but it still took all I had to take him out. At first I thought I had killed him, thought I was going to have to face the justice of the council, the same council that sent me after him. I'd just appeared in front of them when,波多野吉衣 he tried to kill me again, luckily I had weakened him enough that the council then, could freeze him. Unable to contact the two Mages that could remove his powers they banished him." "Wait, you said they banished him? Then how is it that he is able to return?" Cloe asked a new look of worry on her face. "Because unknown to me and the council he also knew how to increase his power levels, not as well or as fast as I can but he could. I know that he has been increasing all this time, where as I have not 'til today. I can imagine given the amount of time, and how long it takes him to increase each level I'd say he's twelve to fourteen levels higher now than he was then. Probably the latter, which means with the increase I had today, he's probably eleven to twelve levels higher than me. If I were to meet him now," I lowered my voice, as I knew there were more than a few who would find what I was talking about to be more than interesting. "He'd kill me with not much of a problem, though with what I added today I'd still hurt him, I've gained a few tricks over the last 300 years." "Why aren't you trying to increase as much as possible," Cloe cried. "Because like anything else, you can over do it, I can push yes, but not that much. If I did, it would be like I short circuited, then I'd be no good at all plus it takes almost a week to recover. I know, I did it a few centuries back a while before I met you. It's not pleasant to the user or anyone near them." I shuddered remembering the pain."Sounds like a cop out to me," Cloe sneered at me. Pushing my power down I snapped my fingers and Cloe was spread eagled on the floor, her eyes huge when she saw the huge vibrator that appeared above her, I turned as it started to descend, climbing into bed I heard Cloe gasp then whine and whimper as the vibrator barely touched the outer lips of her sex."Tyrome you son of a bitch! Turn it on! I need fucking release!" She shouted. Propping up on an elbow I looked down at her, "As I said before suffer bitch! Maybe after a week of this you'll start to get nicer and mean it! I won't turn it on and it will never enter more than 1/8 of an inch. We'll see in a week, if not then I have a few other toys I can try." Here I made a large cock shaped dildo appear then dull spikes grew out of it. "This will be for your other opening, oh! It still goes you can't relieve yourself nor may anyone else. Also the same as before, you know how to end all this you have to mean it." Panting she snapped her head up an intense look of hatred in her eyes, "Never will I beg to you or any other man you ugh! Son of a ugh! Bitch!"I just shook my head and lay back down. The next day I awoke looking down at Cloe, she was asleep, good, and I didn't feel like listening to her mouth. Reaching out I started to feel for the barrier that kept Cedrick confined to the dimension he'd been in for centuries. It was worse than I thought, shit the way it was starting to fail, he be out sooner than I thought. Shooting more energy into it I felt him move closer to the edge.<I thought that felt like you, hello bastard> he said to me. <I see you haven't really increased at all, a pity. I was so looking forward to crushing you, ripping your life out making you scream 'til you were dead. No matter it will still be sweet when you are nothing but a broken shell under my feet!> Pulling back I upped the energy again, damn it! I might have gained three days if I was lucky! Calling the council I let them know what I'd seen and heard, the younger ones laughed at my worry, the older ones were worried. Flashing out I had to increase faster, problem was even with the higher levels I possessed would my body be able to take more? Beginning I felt the levels begin to jump I was over one now but kept going at 1 1/4 I started to feel strain at 1 1/2 I stopped. The slight ripping sensation the first and only warning I'd get I was now 3 1/4 levels higher not that much compared to him but at least now I was starting to get where I could do more than watch. Appearing at my office I was about to go in when I felt a bolt appear out of nowhere streaking toward me. Throwing up a shield I felt the bolt strike, hold a second then fizzle out. "Good, I'm glad to see you were as serious as you sounded at the prison." The voice of the council leader came out of the thin air. "I'd say you passed me now,"then I heard the same voice whispering in my ear. "Keep it up, I also checked the boundary I saw what youhad done I also added to it but at most we have gained three and a half to four days at the most. Don't stop Tyrome, I'd like to see my grandchild as I am sure you like to see your child." then just as suddenly it was all quiet. "Are you alright Sir?" I heard Celina say from the front door of the office. "Did you get whoever was attacking you?" "It wasn't an attack Celina, it was a test. I have been granted permission to increase my power, they wanted to know if I was serious about it." I said as she looked on a slight look of fear in her eyes. "Is the council still here?" She asked a little distraught. "No there was only one and he is gone." I replied trying to reassure her. She began to back in the door, I couldn't blame her they had almost erased her and recreated her, hell what wasn't to be afraid of? I watched her as she closed the door then headed for my office door, I'd just reached out to open it when I felt a familiar presence. Reaching out to the side of the door I grabbed a snake like creature by the neck. "Hello Murry, feeling awful brave showing you ugly puss in my neighborhood." I said as he started trying to break loose. "Tyrome," came his strangled voice, "let me go I've got power now!" With that he shot a bolt of water at me.Laughing at the shocked look on his face as the water reversed and hit him in the face. "In case you haven't noticed I am at a higher level now Murry," sighing I knew that every slime ball was going to start gunning after me now. "You really ought to know better Murry, you could go up ten levels and still be no match for me especially now!" Gasping as I grasped his throat tighter, I stared straight into his eyes. "I want you to deliver a message for me." "Sure, sure," Murry gasp out. "Whatever you want Tyrome, you're the man!" I had to smile at that, now I knew that Murry was worried, it was the only time he ever said that. "You need to let all of the underworld know, hell might as well tell the underground too. I have and am increasing my power. I know Cedrick is trying to return, I will be ready for him." I said as I pulled Murry level with my face. "Ha," He said, "As if! You haven't increased in hundreds of years you can't... AAAAAAAAA stop it Tyrome, NO, stop!" I had already ripped three or four of his powers loose, "You want to try for a few more? I am higher now, oh by the way Murry?" I said as I passed a hand over him, "Thank you for the information," Murry's blank expression let me know that the memory wipe had worked. "Huh? Oh hey Tyrome. Tyrome!? Sorry Tyrome don't know how I wound up here. I'm going see? Didn't mean to bother you, bye!" Murry said with a little yelp as he tried to flash out, looking at him I took pity and sent him back where he lived. So it appeared that all the underworld scum did know he was trying to come back. Guess they thought they make points with him if they killed me. Stupid, he'd eat them for breakfast. Walking to my door I saw the elder's son watching me, shit that was all I needed now. "Ask,” I said as I walked over to him. "Was that Murry the snit?" He asked, I tried not to laugh it had been a while since I had heard him called that. "Yes," I said, "I might be a retired enforcer but I still can use information, you never know when it can be useful. Besides I still work for the council." He nodded then went in for class, Damn I hoped he kept quiet about it, I didn't need them getting killed before they were even half way through the class. Walking in I saw that they were all here and more than ready to start as I did each day I was starting to alternate between offense and defense. With the exception of the elder's son they were still weak though most were now twice what they had been, well I thought at least now if they were killed they'd make a hell of a dent in whoever attacked them. Celina was watching the class this time, a look of fear on her face, That is 'til she saw me looking at her, blushing she smiled. Turning she walked out, all male eyes in the room turned to watch her as she left, ah! They were starting to develop good taste, shit who was I fooling. They liked her tight ass too, after all who didn't?

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